From Doodle To a Repeat Pattern

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This was a challenge as I attempted to understand the steps involved in creating a repeat pattern in Adobe Illustrator. Being such the Photoshop fan, Illustrator tested my understanding to the limit!

Scanning in a hand drawn image (that being the shell like motif) and fussing with it’s pen like imperfections took more time that I thought. But then, so much of the artwork that I attempt takes so much longer than I think…probably because my brain is at full speed and the rendering of the artwork is not. So, to the point, creating the repeat pattern came together while I was daydreaming about the rest of the collection of doodles that I intend to push through the Illustrator magic steps, if only I remember how I did it!

Back to the doodle board so that the inspiration can find a concrete location before it gets lost. ‘Till next time.

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